Whether your car sits in a scorching parking lot all day while you are at work or just in the driveway, either way, when you open the door to get in and the hot air hits your face the feeling is the same, you dread having to sit down into the seat! Here are some tips to help cool you, and your ride off.

  • Not to state the obvious, but try to park in the shade if possible.
  • Consider your needs when buying a car, you may not want to purchase all black with black leather interior if you have to park outside, with no shade relief all the time. Remember, dark colors retain heat longer, so it takes longer to cool off.
  • Some vehicles have air-conditioned seats, so if you love leather, that is another option to watch for.
  • Invest in a sunshade. This goes in the windshield while you are away and helps keep the sun out, not only keeping the temp down but also preserving your dash!
  • Keep some towels, or blankets handy to cover your seats so you don’t burn your backside. Or invest in cloth seat covers for the summer months if you have leather interior.
  • Have a sunroof? Keep the shade (if you have one) drawn while you are away.
  • Although an investment, tinted windows also help keep the sun rays at bay. Just make sure you know your state laws when it comes to window tint.
  • Once inside, turn A/C up to full blast and open back windows, this helps force the hot air out quicker. Once air temp is good, set it to recirculate to keep the cold air coming!