Whether you are parking your car for work, school, shopping or leaving for a duration of time on a trip, here are some tips to help keep it just the way you left it.

  • Lock it. This may seem pretty obvious but just hitting the button on the fob may not always do the trick. Make sure all doors are actually locked.
  • Keep items out of view. If someone looks in and sees a purse or other valuables in plain sight it gives them more of a reason to break the window to get in. Also, don’t keep the title, or other much-needed items inside the car.
  • Try to park in well-lit areas. If you are parking at your house, install motion-sensitive lights to help keep thieves at bay.
  • Install a security system. This would be a more expensive route but could save you in the long run.
  • Check other openings. Be sure to close the windows all the way, close the sunroof, and also double-check that the trunk is latched all the way.
  • Ask neighbors. If you are leaving on a trip and your car will be sitting at your house, ask a well-trusted neighbor or friend to check on it from time to time, along with your house!
  • Look for cameras. Try to look around you and see if you can see a security camera keeping watch over the parking lot. Make sure to park in view of this. Also, find out who owns the camera and make sure it is functional.