Whether you are a food fan, football fan or both, you have to admit one of the greatest parts of attending a football game, is the tailgate pregame party! 

Here are some tips to make your next one, the best one yet!

Think just because you have a small car you can’t tailgate? Wrong! Take a Honda Fit, for example, small inside, but a party in the back because the rear seats fold flat, giving you 52.7 cubic feet of space for all your gear!

The Kia Soul is a compact SUV that not only looks cool, but some models have an available wireless hotspot, share your wifi password with your buddies and they can all tune into the pregame show! Many cars these days even come with or have available to add, a 110-volt outlet so you can hook up a TV, fan or whatever else you may need!

Once you decide what you are driving let’s talk about what to bring and prepare for a great time!



  • Chairs! Be sure to pack enough chairs for you and some friends!
  • Consider a canopy to keep the sun rays at bay, plus could come in handy if the weather decides to turn.
  • Mesh netting for the food. Don’t you hate when the food you worked so hard on is being swarmed by flying invaders! Invest in some meshing to keep everything covered from the pesky things!
  • Coolers! Of course, you want to being your favorite beverages, and keep them cold! Pack koozies, a bottle opener and an extra cooler to keep your cold food in for the trip to the game before you start cooking it! Bring water as well! Tip: freeze unopened water bottles before, use them as ice packs then when it is game time you will have some cold water to take in with you!
  • Portable grill! Be sure to check the stadium rules to see what is allowed, fuel wise. Make sure to bring all the accessories as well, tongs, charcoal, propane, etc.
  • Trash bags! Bring something to put all your trash in once the game starts so you can easily clean up and be ready to go!
  • Bring foil, plastic silverware, wet wipes, and paper towels!
  • Games! It doesn’t hurt to bring some fun games to play while the food is cooking!
  • Playlist! If you are going to use a streaming service to get your music from, create the playlist before and download it. This will save data for the day of!

Remember, a little preparation with the food and supplies will mean less work while you are trying to have fun! So get out there and, go root for your favorite team!