Whether you are a Dodge, Chevy, Ford or Kia person, we have you covered in the Mid-Size SUV market! Here are some reasons why this style of SUV is a great one!


  • Large enough to fit all you need, yet small enough to park! 
  • Most models have a 3rd-row seat which means you can fit all kinds of passengers, unlike a compact SUV where they usually only have 2 rows of seats, which is the same as a car. Plus, more legroom in the mid-size models!

  • Folding flat rear seats might seem like a not so fancy option, however, this feature really comes in handy when hauling anything! You will be surprised at what you can fit in there, plus all your cargo is safe from the elements unlike in a pickup truck!
  • Many come with optional All-Wheel or Four Wheel Drive, making this a very versatile vehicle, snow, rain, or whatever nature throws at you, you will be prepared!


  • Plenty of room for pets! We all know you love to bring Fido along with you, and with an SUV of this size, they have more space, which means, you could get another dog!?
  • You may not need it right now, but having the capability to go off-road, or tow a trailer could be an excellent feature for you down the road. 
  • They are safer. It is simple physics, a small car vs. a Mid-size SUV, who do you think will win? 
  • Even though they are a bigger vehicle, the fuel economy is excellent! 


Even if you don’t have a large family, don’t worry, you will still love the versatility of this style SUV.