Whether you live somewhere that gets snow and gunk on the roads, or you are in a warmer climate, sometimes the winter months can seem long and daunting, but everyone loves the feeling of a freshly cleaned car!

Here are some tips on spring cleaning your ride!

Start with the outside and work your way in. Scrub your tires, be sure to get your rims really good to get the road grime out! Wash your car from the top to bottom using a good carwash product, hose off the underside. And then dry with a microfiber towel.

Take your trash out! Have a trash bag ready to toss all the wrappers or coffee cups that never made it into a trash can. (Helpful tip: always get rid of the trash when you stop for fuel, that is why they have trash cans right by the pumps!)

Clean your seats according to the materials they are. Do you have leather? Pleather? Vinyl? Cloth? Suede? Make sure you are using the appropriate cleaning products meant for that material to avoid any damage. If you have cloth, be sure to use the vacuum brush to loosen dirt and dust from the cloth. If you have leather, make sure not to use a shine type protector or you could be sliding all over your seat while driving down the road. After using the correct cleaner if you have leather, be sure to use a conditioner to help keep your leather looking and feeling like new.

Be sure to clean the floor mats and carpet. Take out your floor mats and clean under them, busting out a carpet cleaner if needed! Be sure to clean the floor mats as well, use a vacuum with a brush attachment for cloth ones to help loosen dirt, or use a good cleaner and scrubbing method for rubber mats.

Don’t forget the glass! No sense in having a clean car if you can’t see out the windows! Take a good glass cleaner and spray it directly onto a cloth then wipe them down, inside and out, don’t forget your rearview mirror and side mirrors.



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