Since you have been cooped up all Spring you may be itching to go on a road trip this Summer! Here are some tips to help you stay safe while doing so!

When choosing a destination, check the stats, where are they in their reopening phase, what will be open, what is the current restrictions, etc. It may seem overwhelming but being prepared ahead of time will keep any surprises at bay!

Be sure to pack enough hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes. Staying on hand sanitizer, be sure not to leave the bottles in the hot car or they could cause damage!

Frequently wipe down areas in the vehicle that get touched a lot, and when stopping for bathroom breaks make sure to wash hands well! Be sure to remember to wipe down tablets, phones, etc.

Check food stops along the way! Be sure your favorite go-to road trip restaurant is open or see what restrictions they have in place.

No matter where you go remember to keep a distance of at least 6 ft from others! You can attend the beach, or parks safely!

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