As always, be sure to take this seriously and think ahead, if you don’t feel good, stay home, if you have sick people or immune-compromised people around you, think of them as well! This could be a situation where a cookout happens but that person stays home, you can always bring them a plate of yummy cookout food!


If you are having people outside your normal group attend a cookout, outside is best! Be sure everyone is wearing a mask and stays socially distanced. Have some cleaning supplies within easy reach as well as a hand sanitizer station. If it is there, people will use it! Disposable utensils and plates are a good idea to prevent multiple people from using the same serving spoon or try to have one person dishing up food rather than a buffet style.

Are you thinking of traveling? Traveling is ok, it just may require some extra steps, such as masks, and cleaning supplies. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and try to limit the number of people you are around, whether in an airport or gas station.

If you are not comfortable hosting a cookout or even getting out and attending one, that is perfectly fine as well! Take this time off to just relax and enjoy a Staycation of your very own! You can binge movies, grill out, order in, whatever you want!