Halloween, a time where pumpkin spice fills the air, spooky sights and sounds are all around you, and pumpkin decorating is in full swing. Want an alternative to the messy carving? Here are some options! 

Painting! There are so many options when it comes to painting a pumpkin! You can paint faces, scenes, paint the whole pumpkin, and change the entire look, and so on!

Paper pumpkin! If you do decide to carve, use the seeds to create a paper pumpkin project! Lay the seeds out to dry, and paint them once they are. Then you can glue them onto the paper creating your own fun design!

Hot glue! Use beads, glitter, gumballs, anything you can find to glue to the pumpkin to create a unique pumpkin!

Nails! Try to create a design with nails and string!