Thanksgiving this year is going to look not very traditional! As the CDC discourages travel and gathering, we have put some ideas together to help make the most out of your Thanksgiving! Throw traditions out the window this year and let’s think outside of the box!

Virtual dining! By now we should all be pros with Zoom, Amazon’s Echo Show, or any other online meeting platforms, add one of those to your kitchen to keep relatives close but safe. Whether everyone is eating something completely different or you share recipes so you can eat “together”, at least you can see and talk to each other and bond over this holiday!

Order a special meal! Break tradition just once for this year and do something outside of the box! Order in Chinese or sushi for your Thanksgiving dinner! If you are feeling thoughtful, you can even order a gift basket with goodies or take out for a loved one that is not able to join you this year!

Live in a warmer climate? Take the gathering outside! Fresh air is always good, but this idea gives this holiday a little facelift. You can just eat your traditional foods or switch it up and grill!

This is your chance to break free of any traditions you may have rolled your eyes at in the past! Take advantage of not having to eat your aunt’s fruit cake by creating a new tradition, even if it is just for one year! Try out a new recipe!

If you find yourself with extra, please consider donating to those in need!