Having a garage to park in is a great perk to have, but what if your garage doubles as storage or a workshop?

Here are some tips to help keep things organized so you can still keep your ride safe inside!

Overhead storage shelves. These are a great idea if your garage ceiling is tall enough to add shelving too and still park under. They keep totes and items up off of the floor and can still be easily accessed when needed!

Hiding in plain sight! Adding cabinets and drawers to your garage can make the clutter disappear! Giving you a place to store items but also keep them out of sight for a clean look!

Tool storage! Keep your tools off of the countertops and stored neatly with racks or magnetic strips.

Repurpose items! You can use a wall hanging shoe storage organizer for holding items such as garden tools, spray paint, etc.


Get creative and see how you can improve your garage space too!