Everyone loves learning about new life hacks, but how about some that revolve around your vehicle?! Check these out!

Ever Wonder how your tires are doing? Bust out a good ‘ol penny and stick it Abe Lincoln head down into the tread! If the tread still reaches his forehead you’re still good! If it is less than that it is time to replace them!

Grabbing takeout tonight for dinner? Have a heated seat? Keep that food warm! Turn on your passenger seat heat and set the food down for the ride home!

An oldie, but a good one! If you have a garage and sometimes struggle parking because of clutter, small size, or just plain can’t tell where you should be stopping exactly, hang a tennis ball from a string, from the ceiling at the perfect parking point. Then you just wait for the tennis ball to touch your windshield and you stop! You will be parked in the right spot every time! Check out this video to learn how! https://todayshomeowner.com/video/diy-garage-tennis-ball-parking-gauge/

Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel? Many of us do these days! There have been quite a few inventions that have come out that make that time safer and more convenient. Check out some of these automotive finds on Amazon!

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