Save some money and get some major satisfaction by detailing your ride yourself! Plus, doing it yourself tends to make you think twice about tossing your garbage on the floor again! Win-win situation!


Smelling nice! One of the first things that you notice when you get into your car is the smell. If you are a smoker or have been eating fast food in there, you know what I mean! There are many odor eliminators on the market, one of them that I have used is Ozium. It’s a small aerosol can that you just spray once inside and close your doors for a while. When you return to the inside it will have a new car smell!  Whether you choose that or one of the many other products, this helps keep your car smelling fresh!


Clean your windows! You can have a clean car, inside and out but if your windows look dingy, so will the whole car. Not to mention dirty windows can cause issues when the sun hits them making it hard to see! Get a good glass cleaner and make sure to clean inside, outside and even the tops of your windows, which means you will need to roll them down partially.


Vents. You can buy a specific vent brush for detailing your hard-to-access vents, or you can just use a paintbrush. Whichever method you choose, you will be surprised at how dusty these things can get!


Door jams. Don’t forget to wipe out those door pockets, jams, and your frequently touched power buttons! One trick to clean the hard-to-reach cracks is to take a flat head screwdriver and wrap a cloth on the tip and run that along the creases you can’t get simply by wiping. This will pull out any gunk and prevent any scratching from the screwdriver!