You may have taken your vehicle to the shop for an oil change and they suggested having your cabin air filter changed. This isn’t just some upsell they are trying to do! This is actually a pretty important maintenance feature that shouldn’t be overlooked!

With the poor air quality lately with wildfires and smog, your vehicle’s air filters are working overtime! If you have ever noticed when you turn your air conditioner on that the air coming out of your vents has a funky smell to it, that is a good indicator that your cabin air filter needs to be changed! You can do this yourself or have it changed with your oil next time it gets done.

This helps keep the air you breathe inside of your vehicle nice and clean, which you and your passengers will enjoy! If you have allergies you will probably notice the cabin air filter needs to be changed sooner than others may due to the pollen and dust that will be in the air of your vehicle cabin. If you are unsure of how often to change the filter, refer to your vehicle manual or ask your mechanic! Remember to factor in where you live/drive as well, if you often travel in congested urban traffic, or on a country road, you may need to be changing the filter more often than recommended by the manual due to the increase in environmental factors.

Cabin air filters don’t just control the quality of air in your vehicle though, they also can affect how well your air conditioner or heater runs, meaning less airflow, noise, and smells. So this seemingly small and often overlooked item could lead up to some big things!

Here is a short video from O’Reilly Auto Parts going into more detail!

Or get more information from Car and Driver on cabin air filters HERE!