Nearly every late model vehicle these days has some sort of smartphone connectivity offered – Let’s take a look at some of those now!

Having the technology to have your phone connected to your car is very nice to have and a great way to stay safe on the road! If you get a phone call you can push a button and answer without taking your eyes off the road. There are a few options open to you when you decide you want this technology in your next car or your current car that doesn’t offer it. This also helps you if you need to know where you are going! The vehicle could have a built-in navigation system or you can connect your phone and use your phone to view the map and have the directions announced over your car speakers.

Some new model vehicles offer a built-in phone connectivity system, whether it is Uconnect, or NissanConnect, OnStar, or any of the many other systems out there. They are good but sometimes can be lacking, especially in the universal concept. Google and Apple stepped up in this department and designed a system that is way more universal and definitely worth considering. You can switch to one of those systems no matter the vehicle you are in. Even if the vehicle is older! Simply look for a Double Din Bluetooth audio system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This way you can access calls, music, navigation, and much more straight from your vehicle without being distracted!

Be sure to decide what features you want in your upgraded technology or next vehicle and whether you want a built-in system, a through the phone system, or an aftermarket Android Auto/Apple CarPlay style system. Getting to know your tech and all the features your vehicle has to keep you safe is always a great idea!


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