Top Vehicle Safety Tips for Children

Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death for children. In 2017, 675 children under age 13 were killed in car crashes. At Dallas Lease Returns, we want to help keep your family safe, which is why we put together a list of vehicle safety tips designed to keep your child protected. Child Vehicle Safety Tips: Take advantage [...]

Meet the Dallas Lease Returns Team

Finding a car dealership, you can trust is one of the most important parts of buying a car. A big aspect of that trust comes from the people that work at the dealership. At Dallas Lease Returns, we are a family owned business, and we operate like one. With our expertise in car sales and auto financing, we make the experience [...]

Top 5 things that can affect your trade-in value

Saying goodbye is never easy, even when you’re just saying goodbye to a car! After all, you and your car have been through a lot together; road trips, memories with friends and family, commuting, etc. When the time finally comes to upgrade, you should ask yourself the following questions: What is my car worth? What can I do to make [...]

How to choose a car for your teen driver

Did you know that new drivers are at the highest risk of getting into an accident? This is why it’s so incredibly important to find a safe, reliable car for your teen. Continue reading to discover the vehicle types that Dallas Lease Returns recommends for those that are new on the road!

Reasons to Buy a Used SUV with Dallas Lease Returns

Looking to buy a new SUV but aren’t sure if you want to spend all the money on a brand new one? We can help! At Dallas Lease Returns, we know that there are plenty of benefits of buying a SUV used rather than used!

Why Having a Good Credit Score Is Important

These days, a good credit score is very important to have. Not only can it impact purchasing big things like houses and cars, but a bad credit score could also keep you from getting hired for a job!

Benefits of Dallas Lease Return’s Indoor Showroom

Used car buying is a totally unique experience at Dallas Lease Returns! Unlike most dealerships, our vehicles are indoors, in a climate controlled facility. This not only makes car buying more comfortable on those hot humid Dallas summer days, but also offers many advantages to our customers!