Knowing how the weather can affect your vehicle is important! Summertime is no exception with the hot temperatures heating up your car as well as the pavement it drives on! Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for summer travels!


Be sure to check all your tire pressures, and while you are at it, check your spare too! Do a visual inspection of each tire as well as checking the tire tread. When you are checking your tire pressure make sure the vehicle has been sitting for a while, not just in from a drive, as that can heat up the tires and make your reading not accurate.

Check your fluids, oil, wiper fluid, antifreeze, etc. Make sure all are full and while you are there look for any cracked hoses that could cause you to end up on the side of the road on a hot day! If you take your car to a shop or dealership this type of inspection is usually included but you may want to verify just to make sure.

Before it gets too hot out, check on your air conditioning and that it is working good. You can also have a shop check this out if you would feel more comfortable. They may check or change the cabin air filter as well.