Buyers in today’s car market are swamped with options, packaged features, and dealer-installed accessories. They all sound so good you want to grab them all but those costs quickly add up.

Here we go over some features that are great to have and some that maybe you can do without.

Safety Features


Automatic Emergency Braking: This is a system that applies the brakes to help prevent a collision when it senses something is in its path. Many systems also include pedestrian detection and that is an added bonus.

Blind Spot Warning: This gives the driver a visual and or an audible alert that a vehicle or something is in their blindspot and to not merge over.

Forward Collision Warning: This system gives the driver a visual and or audible notification that a collision may be near.

Good to Have Safety Features:

Automatic High Beams: We have all been there, the person driving towards us forgets to turn their brights off and they blind us, this system automatically turns them on and off when needed. You will wish all cars had this feature.

Rear Cross-Traffic Detection: This system helps you when you are in reverse, it detects when something or someone has entered your path and makes an audible noise.

Convenience Features


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: These features are to help you put the phone down and instead interact through the vehicles interface so you can pay attention to driving but still have your phone features available to you.

Actual Knobs for Audio and Climate: We know everyone likes the touchscreens, however, reports have shown that having actual knobs for audio volume and climate control help the driver be less distracted. Anytime you can keep the driver’s eyes on the road ahead is a good thing!

Good to Have:

Keyless Entry: This system works by sensing when the key fob is near so it unlocks the doors for you automatically. Meaning you can avoid fumbling with the keys or setting stuff down just to unlock the door.

Heated Seats/Steering Wheel: This is a feature that comes into play if you live in an area that has cold temps all the time or some of the time. Having a toasty seat and wheel to hang on to makes all the difference. Some vehicles also have ventilated seats, which are excellent for warmer climates.

Wireless Charging Pad: This is a pad that uses induction to charge your phone battery without having to mess with cables.

Power Driver’s Seat and Lumbar Support: This is especially helpful when you are in the car for long periods of time. Having the ability to adjust lumbar or get your seat in just the right position helps reduce fatigue.

Features You Can Live Without

Big Wheels and Low Profile Tires: Yes, they look cool, however, these often make for a rough ride, easier to damage, and usually more expensive to replace.

Built-in Navigation: With the ability to use Android Auto or Apple Carplay and use your own free map service through your smartphone there is no real need to pay extra for a built-in navigation system since they usually require map updates which are an additional cost.

Rear Entertainment Systems: Once again, it may be cheaper to use what you may already have. If you are going on a road trip and need to keep back seat passengers entertained, you can load a tablet up with games, movies, and books.

Lane Keep Assist: While it sounds like a great concept, there are still a lot of bugs to be worked out. Imagine you are trying to move over into the next lane to give someone walking or biking some extra space but your car is trying to keep you in your lane. Some systems just beep or vibrate the wheel if you move out of your lane so just check the vehicle to see what it has and make your decision.