RLooking to buy a new SUV but aren’t sure if you want to spend all the money on a brand new one? We can help! At Dallas Lease Returns, we know that there are plenty of benefits of buying a SUV used rather than used!

Some of these benefits include:

Less Depreciation

New cars typically depreciate about 20% when they are driven off the lot, and most cars lose another 10% in value during the first year. In total, that’s a 30% loss in value during the initial year of ownership of a new car. To put this in perspective, this would mean that a new, $30,000 SUV will lose roughly $9,000 in value during the first year of ownership.

You can avoid that depreciation hit by buying a SUV that is a couple of years old instead!

In fact, at Dallas Lease Returns, we have SUVs in our inventory that are 2019 models!

Lower Insurance Rate

A key factor in determining the cost of car insurance is the value of the car. Because a used SUV is valued less than a brand new SUV, the cost of insurance will be less. This is because some elements of car insurance, like collision and theft rates, are lower on vehicles that are not brand new.   

Lower Registration Fees

As with car insurance, state registration fees are often based on the vehicle’s overall value. In fact, many states are increasing registration fees in an effort to generate more revenue. Buying a used SUV rather than a new one is an effective way to stunt those increases.

Better Quality for Less

Stretching your car-buying dollar is another benefit of buying a used SUV. You can buy more car by purchasing used rather than new. You may not be able to afford a brad new luxury car, but one that’s two or three years old may fit your budget.

Here at Dallas Lease Returns, we actually specialize in selling used luxury vehicles. So even if a brand new Lexus GX SUV does not fit your budget, a gently used, 2017 model might!


Twenty years ago, buying a used car was a roll of the dice in terms of reliability. Today, however, buying used at a reliable dealership like Dallas Lease Returns can minimize risk and save you money on a greatly quality vehicle.

Companies like Carfax produce vehicle history reports. Based on the car’s vehicle identification number, or VIN, these reports provide an array of valuable information including verification of the mileage and whether the vehicle was ever declared a total loss by an insurance company.

At Dallas Lease Returns, each vehicle on our lot has a Carfax report!

Why Choose Dallas Lease Returns  

At Dallas Lease Returns, all of our vehicles are also kept in our climate controlled, indoor facility. This protects each vehicle from sun damage and other weather conditions and ensures that you, the customer, has a comfortable shopping experience while looking for a new-to-you SUV!

Come and experience the difference with us today, or click here to browse our used SUV inventory!