DCar buying is a totally unique experience at Dallas Lease Returns!

This is because we offer:

An Indoor Showroom

Unlike most dealerships, our vehicles are indoors, in a climate controlled facility. This makes car buying more comfortable during our hot and humid summers. Our climate controlled facility is comfortable all year round.

Better Lighting

The lighting within our facility is made up of high power, natural color bulbs. These lights allow you to see every detail of the vehicle you are interested in, and is actually reveals more detail than natural sunlight. Of course, when you are ready to test drive any vehicle, we will pull it outside and let you take it for a spin.

Quality Cars

Because all our vehicles are kept in a climate controlled, indoor facility, we can ensure that all of our cars maintain their excellent quality. Our indoor facility at Dallas Lease Returns protects all of the vehicles from sun, rain, snow or sleet damage! 

A Better Car Selection 

Is your dream car a Cadillac, Audi, Lexus or a Mercedes but you can’t afford a brand new one? We can help! At Dallas Lease Returns, we specialize in gently used luxury vehicles, and most of our cars are only a couple of years old!

Better Experience

Not only do we ensure that our climate controlled facility is always set to a comfortable temperature, we also do not lock any of our vehicle doors. We want you to feel like you are “shopping” for a car. This means you can explore each and every vehicle that you are interested in without requesting access or dealing with pushy sales people.

An Expert Sales Team

We believe in a zero pressure environment; our team of car experts will always be there to answer any vehicle or financing questions you may have, while allowing you to “shop” without overcrowding you.

Why Choose Dallas Lease Returns:

We are a proud family owned business, and we operate like one. When you come to us, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, and welcomed to browse through our vast indoor showroom to find a vehicle that is perfect for you.

We have over 400 quality vehicles in our inventory. The majority have only ever had one owner. All of our vehicles also have a certified Carfax report to ensure their quality!

Dallas Lease Returns is also the proud recipient of DealerRater’s Texas Used Car Dealer of Year for 2017, 2018 and 2019! Although our dealership has won many awards, that means nothing to us if we can’t take care of you.

Come experience the Dallas Lease Returns difference today- where you, the customer, will always come first! To browse our inventory today, click here!