Understanding Hybrids

Hybrid cars are vehicles that use both an electric motor and a gasoline engine to power the car. The electric motor is powered by a battery that is charged by regenerative braking and the gasoline engine. Hybrids are designed to be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline-powered cars. Types of Hybrids There are several types of hybrids available [...]

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Converting to Electric from Gas

What if you have an old car that you just can't justify getting rid of but would like to convert to electric, well it may be able to be done! Check this out! Have you been thinking about going electric? Besides the zero-emission benefit, electric vehicles are cheaper to service than gasoline vehicles. Not to mention, electricity is less expensive [...]

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Incredible Power and Electric Meet with this Tesla!

Our impressive 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD Sedan is a premium machine with electric muscle and a bold Solid Black finish! Powered by Dual Electric Motors delivering a combined 450hp to a Single Speed Automatic transmission for blazing sprints to 60mph in just over 3 seconds. This All Wheel Drive sport sedan also boasts an 82kWh battery pack providing [...]

EV Tires, Why and How are They Different?

When it comes to vehicle tires, many people try their best to save money, whether they are buying used, or just the cheapest new. But is this the best approach to take? And what if you have an EV…should you just throw on any old tire you find lying around? Stay tuned for the details as we take a quick-fire [...]

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EV Maintenance Tips!

One of the many perks of owning an Electric Vehicle is a LOT less maintenance. No oil changes and things of that nature! However, there are some things you need to be doing regularly to keep your ride in tip-top shape! With your car going in a lot less for checkups, you will have to remember these things on your [...]

At-Home EV Chargers Explained!

Level 1 Chargers Use a common three-prong (NEMA 5-15) 120-volt AC electrical outlet found in North America. Provide 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging, or about 40 miles of range on an overnight charge. Most electric cars include this charger, so no additional equipment will need installing. Level 2 Chargers Use 240-volt AC electrical service typically [...]

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