Truck Accessories

Truck Options & Accessories

Trucks come with a range of options and add-ons that you might want to consider.

What is a Dually?

A dually truck has an extra set of wheels in the rear. For some truck lovers, this is a style choice. Others enjoy the extra stability and capability for towing and payload capacity offered by the extra wheels. This is especially useful if you want to add a 5th wheel hitch for trailer towing (more on that in a moment). You will see Dually’s in Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab, Chassis Cab and if you look around the road, you will see these on service vehicles, tow trucks, and even ambulances.

Bed Liners & Covers

If you are primarily using a truck to haul, rather than tow, you may want one with a bed liner. This protective addition can prevent dings, dents, and scrapes to the truck bed. There are two types – a spray-on or drop-in bed liner – and both create a skid-proof, dent-proof surface for your hauling needs. Both reduce cargo movement in your truck bed, so things don’t slide around and get damaged. A drop-in bed liner is convenient because it can be applied and removed easily. A spray-on bed liner is permanent, although they do wear out over time. However, they are tougher than drop-in bed liners and will protect your truck bed from rusting. This is probably one of the most valuable items you can find in or add to a truck!

Another useful addition to a truck bed is a tonneau cover, which offers additional protection. These covers can be soft or hard, and in addition to keeping any cargo stored in your truck bed more secure, it also makes your truck more aerodynamic, enhancing fuel efficiency. It will also protect permanent cargo, such as tools or fishing gear, from inclement weather. 

Step Bars & Running Boards

Getting up into a truck can be a challenge, which is why step bars and running boards were invented! Step bars are normally an aluminum or steel tube, sometimes with rubber foot grips at the doors to your truck cab. Running boards are wider and offer a non-slip way to step up into the truck cab. Each of these also helps protect your truck from flying debris to some extent. There is usually extra space between the truck and the step bar while running boards are mounted almost flush against the truck. Keep in mind, both step bars and running boards can get especially dirty, but that might be worth the convenience!


Do you plan to tow a trailer, boat, or something else behind your truck? The difference between various towing connectors is significant. Each class of receiver hitch, from Class 1 to Class 5, has different sizes of receiver tube opening and capabilities in weight carrying capacity. Class 5 trailer hitches have the highest weight rating. You may also want to fit your truck with a weight distribution hitch if you are using between a Class III and Class V hitch. Small trucks or SUV’s might have a smaller Class II hitch that’s perfect for a small trailer, pulling bikes or jet-skis. All of these hitches mount to the frame of a vehicle.

The 5th Wheel Hitch accepts the kingpin of a 5th wheel trailer and is only compatible with pick-up trucks. This type of hitch (pin or hide-away) mounts in the bed or through your bed with a pin to the frame of your truck and is used for towing large campers, travel trailers, or larger trailers for implements, cars, animals, or more.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to trucks and truck accessories. With something to suit every driver’s needs, you’re sure to find the perfect truck for you at Dallas Lease Returns!

Truck Buying Considerations

Truck Buying Considerations

When you decide it’s time for a truck or pick-up truck you might think all trucks are built the same – cab, bed, and tailgate. When faced with a decision between so many trucks, how do you decide which one will best serve your needs? It depends on what you’ll use your truck for – towing a boat or hauling construction equipment, as a day to day vehicle for your family or for a camping adventure. Here are some things to know about what various trucks have to offer.

Horsepower & Torque

Not all truck engines are created equal, and how much horsepower or torque you need will depend on your reasons for buying a truck. Horsepower is how much energy your engine produces, while torque is the ability of the engine to do the work you want. The greater your need for towing or hauling heavy objects, the more torque you will want.

Diesel engines commonly offer plenty of low-end torque. This means at low engine speeds, these engines can pull massive trailers up severe grades. Some trucks have TurboCharged 4 Cylinders that outperform many V8s and others have V8s that can run on as low as 2 Cylinders to conserve fuel but fire up to all 8 when needed. Six Cylinders are both Inline and V6 that have different power curves designed to mirror your daily demands.

Fuel Options

You might not have considered fuel options other than gas until now. A truck that takes gas may cost less than one that requires diesel, however, in addition to better fuel economy, diesel also offers more power for your heavy jobs. FlexFuel is another option, allowing a truck to run either on gasoline or ethanol. Ethanol offers less energy per gallon but burns cleaner with fewer gashouse emissions and most of the time costs less at the pump.

Rear Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive

For most people, it’s a given that they want a truck with Four Wheel Drive. This option allows greater control on the road, especially in bad weather conditions. However, 4X4 adds considerable weight to a vehicle and has more rotating mechanical parts, which compromises fuel economy. In a mild climate where you don’t expect to drive on snowy or muddy roads, a Rear Wheel Drive truck will probably be the better and more economical choice.

Cab & Box Sizes

Trucks come in all kinds of cab and box sizes, or even Chassis Cab (no Box), and your choice will depend on your needs. From two-door Regular Cabs to four-door Crew Cabs and Mega Cabs, this is a matter of preference, how many passengers you expect to transport, and how much room you require. Even if you don’t expect to have more than one passenger, you might find the four-door Crew Cabs offer the room you want to store certain gear inside your truck.

There are usually 3 sizes of bed for pick-up trucks. You will find short, standard, or long box. Sizes vary by manufacturer and what you choose depends on your needs. Are you putting firewood or drywall in the bed of your truck? Drywall and plywood are standard 8-foot sheets, so a long box might be in order, however, a short box with the tailgate down can also do the job. Consider the use you expect to get out of the truck when deciding what box size you need in addition to the way it drives, parks, and of course fits in your garage.

Dallas Lease Returns has a truck that is sure to meet your needs! Stay tuned for part two, where we will look at truck options and accessories.

Chevy vs Ford

What is the Difference Between Chevy Trucks and Ford Trucks?

Thursday, May 31st, 2018
Are you in the market for a truck but are not sure whether to purchase a Ford or a Chevy? No problem, we can help! At Dallas Lease Returns we have both Chevorlet and Ford trucks in our inventory, and believe that they are both great truck companies. However, there are still some differences between the two. Continue reading to find out what they are!

Chevrolet Trucks

Chevy is known for their amazing pickup trucks, but what sets them apart from other companies?

Easy, it’s their history!

Chevy has been around for 1o0 years! The company first started out building Supply Chain and Farming trucks for different companies. Eventually, they made the Light Delivery Chassis, a truck-like-vehicle that made it much easier for people to transport items without a horse or a buggy.

Chevy made history with this design and it helped society progress immensely. Today, Chevy specializes in making vehicles that are lighter and smaller. As we all know, gas prices have gone up overtime and Chevy tries to make their trucks cost efficient while still being reliable.

Ford Trucks

Ford is also a company that has been around for quite awhile. They are known for being the vehicle choice for the working man or women. This company specializes in making trucks that are both aesthetically pleasing, while also still being tough and durable. Around most of America, Ford trucks are known for their outstanding performance and value.

In fact, in 2009 the Ford F-150 won the prestigious Motor Trend Truck of the year award. In 2017, the Ford Super Duty won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Ford is known for being a tough car and it shows through their awards and outstanding achievements.

As you can see, both of these companies are amazing in different ways. For more information, please visit our website or call (214) 960-1388!