A Look at GMC Trucks

Used GMC Trucks in Dallas, TX Although Ford and Chevrolet receive all the accolades for their trucks, the GMC pickup is the granddaddy of them all. First built in 1911, the GMC truck is an iconic part of the American automotive landscape. Over the next 100-plus years, GMC redefined the pickup truck, making it appeal to farmers, blue-collar workers, and [...]

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Reasons to Purchase A Used Truck From Dallas Lease Returns

Trucks are loved all over the world by millions of loyal drivers! Have you ever owned one? If not, we seriously ask you to consider purchasing a truck as your next vehicle for a number of reasons! Continue reading to learn more. Towing Capacity  Towing capacity (A.K.A torque) goes hand in hand with horsepower. Most trucks made in recent years [...]

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