It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means there’s a good chance that you’re among the 89% of holiday travelers who will drive to their destinations this year. To make your road trip more enjoyable and stress free, follow these Dallas Lease Returns tips!

Leave Time

Don’t: Drive Wednesday between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Do: Drive when everyone else is eating and shopping.

Peak traffic times are generally Tuesday and Wednesday in the late afternoon and evening. The best days to travel is on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and on Cyber Monday.

Plan for Activities

Don’t: Forget to bring road trip activities for the kids.

Do: Charge your iPad and load it up with games.

If you get tired after traveling for hours, imagine how bored your kids will be! Make sure you bring an iPad with plenty of games downloaded on it.

Load Up On Snacks

Don’t: Wait until your kids are hungry to offer snacks.

Do: Be proactive about keeping everyone full and content.

Offer a snack to your passengers every hour so people don’t get cranky.

Download The Following Apps

Don’t: Hit the road without these apps.

Do: Consider alternative routes.

Apps like GasBuddy show you the cheapest gas in your area. Waze uses data from other drivers to provide real-time traffic notices to suggest alternative routes.

Why Choose Dallas Lease Returns

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